Elhanan Borenstein, Ph.D.

NetCooperate is a software package for determining host-microbe and microbe-microbe cooperation and is available as an online tool (NetCooperate>Web) and as a Python module (NetCooperate>Python).

» NetCooperate>Web
  Determine the Cooperate set of a network online.

» NetCooperate>Python
  Download the Python module to add NetCooperate's functionality to your custom analysis programs.

» NetCooperate Manual
  Learn how to use NetCooperate in your analysis.

Trying it out? Check out our example networks.

Understanding the NetCooperate Analysis

NetCooperate is a web tool and a software package for determining host-microbe and microbe-microbe cooperative potential. It specifically calculates two previously developed and validated metrics for species interaction: the Biosynthetic Support Score (BSS; see Borenstein and Feldman, 2009) which quantifies the ability of a host species to supply the nutritional requirements of a parasite or commensal species, and the Metabolic Complementarity Index (MCI; see Levy and Borenstein, 2013) which quantifies the complementarity of a pair of microbial organisms’ niches. NetCooperate takes as input a pair of metabolic networks, and returns the pairwise metrics as well a list of metabolic compounds complementary between the two species.