Elhanan Borenstein, Ph.D.

BURRITO is a web-based tool for interactive exploration of metagenomic datasets, linking taxonomic and functional microbiome profiles. To use this tool, go to BURRITO's website (BURRITO>Home). You can also access BURRITO's code and manual.


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Understanding BURRITO Analysis

BURRITO is a browser-based tool for interactive and simultaneous visualization of taxonomic and functional abundances in mixed microbial samples. BURRITO utilizes genomic content from either a default database or a user-provided table to compute the shares of each function's total abundance that can be attributed to each taxon. Users can interactively explore such links between taxonomic and functional profiles in complex microbiome samples through dynamic highlighting, tooltips, and level-of-detail controls. BURRITO further allows users to export publication-ready figures and processed data on taxa-function relationships.
If you are using BURRITO please cite the following paper:
BURRITO: An interactive multi-omic tool for visualizing taxa-function relationships in microbiome data.
Colin P McNally, Alexander Eng, Cecilia Noecker, William C Gagne-Maynard, and Elhanan Borenstein