Sheba/TAU microbiome analysis workshop
16.5.2019 | 9:00 - 17:00
Sheba medical center cancer institute

Organizers: Amnon Amir, Yael Haberman, Elhanan Borenstein
Instructors: Tzipi Braun, Cecilia Noecker, Gavin Douglas

Location: See directions and parking info.
The Sheba microbiome center and the Borenstein Lab at Tel Aviv University are happy to invite you to the first Sheba/TAU microbiome analysis workshop. This partly hands-on bioinformatics analysis workshop will focus on incorporating state-of-the-art tools for microbiome amplicon data. Tentative tools and topics:

  • Creating a biom table using denoising algorithms (DADA2 / Deblur)
  • Basic analysis - Alpha and beta diversity, PCoA
Calour and dbBact
  • Sorting, filtering, clustering and looking at the raw data (interactive heatmaps)
  • Differential abundance using dsFDR
  • dbBact standalone website and Calour integration
  • dbBact term enrichment analysis
  • Prediction of metagenome functional content from 16S microbiome data
BURRITO, FishTaco, MIMOSA (multi-omic analysis tools from the Borenstein Lab)
  • Interactive visualization of metagenomic datasets, linking taxonomic and functional microbiome profiles
  • Decomposition of metagenomic functional shifts into taxon-level contributions
  • Linking variation in metabolomic data with species composition and identifying taxonomic drivers of metabolic variation
This workshop is intended for students and PIs and will include a hands-on sandbox session. Please bring a laptop with qiime2 installed. If you have some amplicon dataset you would like to analyze, bring it with you. Please see the instructions document for information on how to prepare your laptop and data.

Registration is free but space is limited. Any questions? please email: and/or
Sponsored by:

BioMed@TAU Research Hub
Microbiomes in Health and Disease